We born, live and finally die, no matter if you are a wealthy or if you are a beggar, living under a bridge, we all go to the same place and we all are going to be judged and sent up or down, the only difference is that all the previous are grown-ups, not children.
Children are the future of mankind that’s true wherever you are, all of us have been considered the future and our parents, biological or not, takes this responsibility and fights against sea and wind trying to pull us up, raise us in a proper way, showing the goods of life and also, they become our first teachers.
Kids should come to this world not to suffer but for bring happiness and joy to all humans. The whole effort of parents is about to raise a good son, a good citizen, a good professional, this is possible, and it will always be, as long as still exists families who worries about them in every stage of their lives.
Many of us has some of religion in our mind, some of them more, others less, but everybody has a deity on which he/she lays his/her beliefs, hopes and dreams. One of the biggest dreams of couples, if not the only one, is to become a father or a mother, to have the bless of hold your blood, your flesh in your arms, to feed it, protect it, everything, you put all your efforts on it, the couple schedule all their life around it even before to conceive the baby. But there is a mighty strength, a divine force which literally gives the right or not to have a son, He decides the time and place, when and how and you cannot do anything to stop it, and if you want to have an answer, you wouldn’t get it, because this is a mute decision, as a sheep in this world full of wolves you just have do (accept) this verdict.
I’m angry though sad at the same time. I feel that a part of my blood went straight to the sewer and what is worst I didn’t knew about this. Sometimes I think ok, it’s not our time yet but why should happened that way, among many other ways why that one, the most cruel of all. With my girlfriend wanted to be parents and we decide not to be until we both get our degree, have our home, our bed and then have a small creature, but this was a huge stroke against us, a huge impact on our lives.
What is certain, is that when I die and go up to the purgatory, I will ask to speak with the Creator and will ask Him why did we do to deserve this, this sudden dead of our blood, why us, Why?


UPDATE 17/08/2017: There’s no need to ask or keep that thought in mind. Now I know the answer and it was really painfull to realize of it. The answer is, it was not MY time to become a father. Not with her nor at that time.

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