When you start to grow up and believe you are an adult and have everything clear and set in your life, think twice, you are probably wrong.
Everybody wants to earn money, a lot, and it’s natural. It will never be a sin to think that way. The problem arises when you forget why are you fighting for, for your family? your significant other? … for you? The struggle is daily and seems never to stop but at some point you will realize what you really want, for what you are really fighting.

My purpose in life is first, be a good companion, a good person, a good teacher and a responsible owner. Those on this picture represent what life means to me now, what life has set as a responsibility for me. It might sound sexist but my purpose in this life, up to this very moment, is to do everything I can so they can be safe, they never need anything, never miss a cup of tea, a cup of kibble, a slice of bread, a jar of water and a warm house.

UPDATE 17/08/2017:

Things are never clear enough. You ARE going to find difficulties, even next to you, even in your family, in the most unlikely places. I was about to delete this post since last events one year ago but this post talked to me and said something important: don’t give up. There is light up ahead, just keep moving forward. Candela is with me, she’ll never leave me alone. Now Claudia is my reason, my purpose, my goal. 

If you read this anytime soon, keep fighting, keep working, keep walking. Things will settle and you might not notice it.


Found your purpose and follow it.